Monday, September 16, 2013


it's nice to have
a bar

you know
some of the people

and the boys
think you're pretty
but you're

Jerry's girl now
so they don't talk
to you much

Jerry is a good guy
but he'd
fuck their shit up if
they crossed the line.

and it's nice
to be
somebody's girl
even if
you'd rather be
somebody else's

and Jerry is
a good guy and
he actually likes you,

not like
that other guy
who just wants
to cause trouble.

and it's nice
to read a poem
with not much
emotion in it,

just a "hey,
look at that,"

like the
at the end
of the bar

of a woman
on a horse,

almost falling off
smiling because
it's ok,

she isn't
moving very fast
and the ground is
not that far away.

(from the guns get bigger and bigger and the girls move further away)

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