Monday, September 16, 2013


and while I am driving through these obstacles
and away from my obligations to be with you and only you,
you decide that I am not where you want to be.

But the car is stuck in fourth and the brakes won't work and
racing ahead of me is a train on the tracks
and the conductor throwing empty bottles from the window.

and you are waving safely from the other side
calling out all the reasons why I am not enough
so I pull the emergency brake but it comes away in my hand and oh god
this is the plot of a bad movie and if I'm dreaming
please let me be dreaming and
please can I wake up now.

But still you are waving and I am drowning
so I try to throw myself from the car
but the door is stuck and the window won't break
and the train, oh god, the train.

(from Se Refiere a Nosotros: Poems for You)

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