Monday, September 16, 2013

t bars

Slow night
at the cat house.

Women sit with their backs
against the wall and wait for

maybe a drink.

The men lick their lips and
take their pick of

sagging breasts,
broken smiles,
nervous fingers.

This is a loser's game;
This job gets better with a drink.

Slow nights
for fast women
don't end well.

Some get drunk
and some start fights
and no one wants to pay.

Men wait in the parking lot for
the women who will leave for pills.

All this pussy
just waiting for a buyer
and no one wants to pay.

Women leave with the men who
lick the powder off their noses.

It's better for business
to finish in the car.
They cost less that way.

(from the guns get bigger and bigger and the girls move further away)

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